Friday, January 15, 2010


Dikamar ku menyepi

hanya lilin menerangi

Beginikah seksanya

hidup dalam penantian

Di tabir tirai malam

ada insan kesepian, keseorangan

Dan setiap detik yang ku lalui

Seluruh malam ku membisu

tetap setia menantimu

bayanganmu entah di mana

Mengapa harus kita ditemukan

di saat jiwaku keresahan

Apakah aku satu persinggahan

mengubat rindu

Kau dahagakan

Ku kehausan

Setitis rasa

pada bayangan yang tak pasti

Kau nyalakan perasaan

mengukir kemesraan

Mungkinkah ada sinar

bersama impianku

Dah telah ku duga

suasana keindahan seketika

Aku tetap menanti mu

Kau dahagakan, ku kehausan, setitik rasa

Aku tenggelam, kehampaan, keseorangan

Mana sinaran?

Terangilah hidupku

Tak sanggup lagi

aku sepi

Monday, January 11, 2010

~benarkah si camar kan pulang ke sarang~

teringat aku pada lagu Zabarjad yg btajuk Karam..
aku terfikir..adakah camar kan pulang ke sarang atau terus hilang di balik awan...

pujangga cinta ada mengatakan..
"kadang-kadang cinta/org yg disayangi, sampai satu masa anda perlu melepaskannya..biarkan ia terbang..jika ia kembali, ia mmg tercipta utk anda"
yup! ibarat si camar..
ku biarkan ia bebas terbang...
jika ia tidak kembali padaku..ku harap si camar ingat tangan yg melepaskannya terbang tinggi.

aku di sini setia menanti... telah ku persiapkan sarang utk mjemputnya kembali..
pulang lah wahai si camar,
selagi mase masih ada bsama kita
selagi ada ruang waktu utk kita cipta kenangan manis
selagi ada hayat ku utk menatap ku..

camar yg ku rindui...
masa ku sudah suntukk.. @};-

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dream Girl..

I met my dream girl when i was in age of 7years old. Maybe thats people always called "love at the 1st sight". (^_^) Her name was Nurul Akma. She is a girl who live at next block from my place. How i met her? Actually we studied in the same KAFA class (kelas asas fardhu ain). My strong will said that i was destined for her.. Plus, I have met her in my dream. I started became her friend when I was in form 5 during my study at MRSM (maktab rendah sains mara). I manage to date with her in August 2003. That was my 1st experience, date with a girl. In October 2004, I told her my feeling towards her. I asked her to be my girlfriend. However, I have been rejected. After 13 years, admiring, loving and sacrifying on her..this the result i have to accept with a broken heart. My fault...I was late to make the "move".. Now, we became friend. She succesfully in her life..which is as a doctor.

Past over the years, I met 1 girl called Syera. A little bit story about her, I have applied in a short story in earlier post in this blog. Syera and Orein is the same person. I started to admire her after i started to be her friend. We studied in the same university. We stayed at the same hostel's college. I monitored her attitudes, appearances and her communication among her friend..every moments i can get. Without I realized, I fell in love with her. Yup! she was my dream girl. I love her from far till one time that i felt she has the same feeling with me. Several days before I'm going to tell her about my feeling, I have been informed that she has coupled with one of my friend. newly couple.. So my heart have to let my dream girl lie happy beside the one who love her more than me.. Lastly.. loving someone doesn't mean that I own her. Thats quotes I hold and for me to begin a new life without her love. Lucky for that man, a man who waited her love since 1st year in university. Not like me who starting to love her when I was in 4th semester in university. Now, she has engage with that person and working as researcher.

The times past by...I gave up to chase for the true love.. It was just a sweet dream only.. to be love by my dream girl.. happy ending just happenned in fairytales only. So, I accept any one who really want me ..really need to be love with someone they love.. However, I never knew how love's taste when we being together with our beloved ones. What is the TRUE love? I openned my heart and gave my love to several gurl who really i knew her. But it was a mistaked. I've done a largest mistake. Despite my will to gave a chance to somebody to felt how's the love is..I've been accused that I played with their love actually..maybe it was like, I never respect the LOVE. All right..fine.. Anyway, have to accept that although I didn't mean to..

Year of 2009..

I met a girl..a cute girl from Segamat, Johor. This was amazing story I would like to share. I never knew her occurance in my heart... till one night. My heart would beat hardly when I started to review her face in my mind. She made me happy everytime i met her. Thanks to Allah. It was a fate. I have to accept that I was given another chance to meet my dream girl. In order to find what was happening to me, I succesfully got a chance to date with her. Now I knew what exactly happened to me,and thats gave me the answer. After that I realized, I was in love with her, Insyirah Azuera Batriesyah. So, I'm not gonna make the same mistake like my past time. Several days later, I told her about my feeling. Thanks Allah. She felt the same way about me. But she didn't want to couple yet because she had promised to her beloved mom. So it is the beginning of my love story....

6th January 2010..

After a long time of disapperance, she came back.. I'm very glad. (^_^)

But..there was something that broke my heart.. she hope that we just be a friend. No more than that. Not because she got someone else.. She said she can't give a complete love towards me. She was sick now.. She wanted me to find somebody better than her. I knew and understood why she did that. I accept, even we are friend love to her never melt down. I love u. I will make sure that our love will live freshly although without one of us afterwards.

Thats the story about my dream girls... I hope who read this..don't ever do mistakes like me in loving someone. I never regret on what I've done. I learnt the best lesson from it. What a great gift i have before my birthday...mmm I still hope for the happy ending with zura..

_____________________the end___________________________


Oh teratai bunga indah

Engkaulah pujaan hatiku

Telah lama kau ku rindukan

Wahai teratai bunga indah

Sungguh cantik paras wajahmu

Sinar matamu bagaikan suria pagi

Setiap insan selalu terpikat

Memandangmu teratai bunga indah

Ku tak menyangka wahai teratai ku sayang

Badai taufan datang menghembus dirimu

Engkau pun terkulai dan merunduklah

Layu tak berseri lagi..

Oh Tuhan

Tolong lidungilah dia

Agar ku dapat bersamanya lagi

Ku inginkan teratai ku sayang

Berseri seperti semula